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Masked man holding a sign The Beginning is Near
Masked man holding a sign The Beginning is Near

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How it works

The mint starts at Tuesday 8/9/22, 12pm PT. It's an open edition and will last 24 hours.

Which do you believe? Do you believe "The Beginning is Near"? Or that "The End is Near"?

You may mint as many “votes” as you like. Voting for both images is allowed.

Shortly after the open edition vote has closed, a burn mechanic will be in effect allowing collectors to burn any 2 OE’s for a 3rd master image that will bear this project’s name.

If you hold a "Painted Poetry" piece, an edition of "Golden Future", or any of Brendan's SuperRare pieces, you are eligible to mint 1 gas-only edition. You can also pre-mint starting an hour before mint, at 11am PT.

Brendan North staring into the distance with camera

About the Project

“Signs of the Times” is a project by photographer Brendan North that comments on the current state of the NFT market and the state of world affairs at large. With cryptocurrencies down across the board, the NFT community finds itself at the crossroads of bearish and bullish. This project will act as a definitive community vote of confidence in our future and in true NFT fashion, it will use art collection as the voting medium.

This isn’t a concept that feeds you a one sided answer, instead it offers you a choice. Collecting your side allows you to cast a permanent vote on the blockchain reflecting your vision for the future during the bear market of 2022. Will you welcome the end with open arms, a last hurrah for the NFT world as we know it? Or will you choose to believe that we’ve only just begun?

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The meteoric rise of NFTs has changed the digital landscape and the art world forever. In 2021, they captivated the attention of mass media and millions of people around the world. From revolutionizing digital ownership to redefining what it means to be a modern artist, the impact of NFTs is undeniable. And yet they are not impervious to external markets and economic implications.

NFTs have been declared dead almost as many times as cryptocurrency itself. And today, the community that built this revolution finds itself in a dramatic downturn. The outlook of the current climate is a topic of contention. Some may look upon the state of the NFT space and declare that the end is near. But others may view this time as an opportunity, a chance at a new beginning.

My story

I created this image as a commentary on the state of the NFT market as a conversation to entertain the community in a time of fear and uncertainty. But I would be remissed if I didn’t acknowledge its relevance to the state of our world at large. The world is facing generation defining challenges. The economic, social, and environmental implications of our time are dire. Our future, yet to be told. And even personally, these conflicting messages have embedded themselves in my thoughts. I have felt the debate between the beginning and the end rage inside me as I battled with my health this year.

Brendan North staring into the distance
Brendan North staring into the distance

At the beginning of 2022, my life got put on hold. I had developed a wide array of scary and debilitating symptoms after a COVID infection. It has taken me 6 months to feel well enough to start shooting again. During this recovery journey I learned a lot about myself and how I want to live my life. Going through something like this I would be a fool not to learn from it. But what’s funny is that I came to realize that all I wanted to do was be more myself and double down on the things I was already chasing. When you’re sick you start to think about what you’ve accomplished in life so far and what you’ll be remembered for. It’s terrifying to look upon your achievements and feel unsatisfied. For me, this thought became a driving force in my recovery. I would do everything in my power to get my body and mind back from this awful illness.

Stories of long COVID recovery are few and far between with many suffering for more than 2 years now. At some points I felt so sick, I thought that was going to be me. Forever trapped inside my own body with barely enough energy to get out of bed. The end has never felt so near.

But the few stories I did see, I took to heart. If recovery was possible, I would do it. I saw over 20 different specialists and tried numerous treatments including some that are considered largely experimental. But I would not give up. I would create again. I have a lot to say and I would not live my life with my art locked inside me. And with time, I have recovered. Today I would say I am 90% back to my normal self. The beginning is near.

©2022 Brendan North


©2022 Brendan North

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